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Today is a very special day because today the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and we are proud to be one of the founding signatories. This Commitment to eradicate plastic waste and pollution at the source has been signed by 250 organisations including many of the world’s largest packaging producers, brands, retailers and recyclers, as well as governments and NGOs and The Better Packaging Co.!!
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PBAT is currently a key component in our range of compostable packaging. While PBAT is easily biodegradable and will decompose in home compost leaving no toxic residues, it is currently partly derived from petrochemicals, yip, oil. This means it's not renewable (because the earth's oil stocks are finite and becoming depleted) and this is why we're working super-hard to research and test some of the emerging resins which have a higher bio-base (ie. are more made from plants). Interestingly, it is PBAT that is added to make the product degrade quickly enough to meet the home compostability criteria. 
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