Eco Friendly Mailers

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Eco Friendly Mailers

Eco friendly mailers are fundamental to the Better Packaging Co. We saw a huge need for an alternative to the not-so-very eco friendly mailer; the virgin plastic one. It all began with an eco friendly mailing satchel we named a Real Dirt Bag as it was, and still is, certified home compostable.Avid readers of our Better Blog will know that in 2020 we completed the carbon offsetting for our business operations, but you know us, always on a mission to be Better. The next step in our offsetting journey was to offset our products themselves. Here's how it all went down. 

"our mailers are now CarbonFree!"

To us, the offsetting process is all about measurement. As the saying goes, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” and once you know the carbon footprint of a product you can go about reducing it. What impact remains, you can then ‘offset’.

To determine the carbon footprint of our mailers, we carried out Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) for them. An independent consultant (using a regulated methodology) analysed the entire life cycle of our mailers from growing and producing the raw materials, transporting them to our factories and the energy required to produce them. This is a comprehensive and complex process; but it is hugely rewarding to know accurately just what the carbon footprint of our product is and especially which aspects of their production are the most carbon intensive. We'll share the full results soon, but for now, rest assured that any negative carbon impact that your mailers generate in their production has been offset.  

In short, our mailers are now CarbonFree!

We have partnered with Carbon Fund to offset the carbon footprint of all our mailers, but we didn't think that offsetting 100% of their impact was good enough and instead, we have committed to a 200% carbon offset for all our mailers! That's right, our mailers are now carbon negative, climate positive to a whopping 200%. We believe this to be an industry first and hope our commitment to be Better inspires others to do the same. Imagine a world where EVERY product was offset by 200%! Now that would be a breath of fresh air. Please know that our commitment is always to first reduce, reduce, reduce, but what remains, we will offset by 200%.

So thank you for continuing to support us on our mission. Go tell all your customers about the incredibly positive impact they are making by choosing your products in our packaging. Better Right!  

Now, onto the rest of our products...