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Last month, my co-founder Becs and I, packed our bags for Southeast Asia to see the POLLAST!C Project in action. It's not the first time we've been, but it was definitely the most intensive trip to date and fascinating on so many fronts. Here are a few of the things we learnt.
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On May 23 & 24, the B for Good Leaders Summit 2024 will convene the world’s most progressive decision-makers committed to building the regenerative economy. This is a special moment where our community gathers for a massive collective impact. We'll be there. Join us!

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Exciting news! Alongside iconic New Zealand brands Karma Drinks and Trade Aid, Better Packaging Co is now officially an Ākina certified Impact Supplier. What does this mean for us and our fabulous customers?

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'Tis the season for festive debates, and among them, the sustainability face-off between artificial and real Christmas trees. First let's unwrap the sustainability pros and cons, then get to the science and then The Golden Rules.

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Got any used packaging hanging around? Inspired by one of our Better Friends @frayfibres who made an eerie installation from repurposed Buff Compostable Mailers and Compostable Garment Bags, we've turned some of ours into second-hand Halloween decorations too!

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With sustainable business practices, you won’t need to ‘greenwash’ your messaging. Here’s how to tell the difference between greenwashing and true sustainability.
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Until now there have been very few sustainable alternatives to stretch pallet wrap made from new, virgin plastic. While there are reusable wraps in market, and we would highly recommend investigating these, they are often only suitable if the wrap is used within a closed loop system.In 2020, we began producing a certified home compostable pallet wrap before deciding we could do a lot better – we could make pallet wrap from 100% recycled plastic pollution and clean up the environment in Southeast Asia at the same time.

Here’s why POLLAST!C Pallet wrap is so much better!

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Because your manufacturing will often take place in Asia, your factory is likely responsible for sourcing the poly bags they packaging your garments into. That's why we've made it super-easy for your manufacturers/suppliers to order Better packaging on your behalf! 
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POLLAST!CTM is our range of bags (and more!) made from recycled Ocean Bound Plastic pollution that we rescue from the environment in SouthEast Asia. It’s pretty obvious how this helps reduce plastic pollution, but what is its impact on the global warming crisis we currently face? Here we explain how ...
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This huge plastic poop represents the amount of plastic that enters the ocean EVERY 30 SECONDS. Scary huh. Most of it enters via land, and most of that from Asia. Better Packaging Co. installed it on Bondi Beach on World Environment Day 2023 to draw attention to the problem but also to show that solutions do exist. By finding ways to recycle this pollution, we create the incentive for it to be collected and kept out of nature. It's that simple, we have to stop treating plastic like SH!T.

Let's break down the key criteria that Certified 'Ocean Bound Plastic' must meet and why plastic pollution collected from up to 50km from the coast is considered 'Ocean Bound'. Spoiler alert: Water plays a crucial role in transporting plastic from miles inland to the ocean!

It is no secret that sustainability has become a buzzword. From the fashion industry to the food industry, companies are constantly striving to be more ‘sustainable’. At Better Packaging Co. we’re not ditching ‘sustainability’ because it’s gone mainstream, we’re saying sayonara because it is simply not enough.
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