B for BCorp AND Better!

Even though we’d been working on our BCorp application for over two years, we chose possibly the worst time to submit it – Covid lockdown March 2020. Apparently every other company (we may be exaggerating a tad here!) also on the BCorp journey had also decided to use lockdown to finish off their submissions and get them in … And so it was, that 6 months later, we were finally certified and we could not be more chuffed!

We know our products are out there doing good, but B Corp Certification is about much more than that, it’s an assessment of the overall positive impact of the company rather than a product or service. It asks; How do we operate behind the scenes? How do we treat our people? How genuinely do we care about our mission and how does that permeate through our operations? As well as making a positive contribution to the environment, are we also helping benefit society?

Being BCorp Certified means that our customers know we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We aspire to be like fellow BCorp Patagonia which has been certified since 2011 and has over that time improved their score by more than 50%! The BCorp certification process is a way of quantifying the process of constant improvement that we are making to the way we ‘do business’ and, importantly, zeroing in on the areas where we can do Better!

With over 3,000 members, the BCorp community, or ‘eco’-system, is also becoming an extremely powerful force for good… and that is something we so want to be part of. It includes many of our current customers - Bondi Born, Citizen Wolf, Outland Denim, Glam Corner, Koskela, Biome Eco Stores, etiko, Kester Black, Stone & Wood … the list goes on! The BCorp Directory is an incredible resource and great place to start if you’re looking for anything from a PR company to a sustainable packaging provider ;).

The world desperately needs business to step up and place less focus on shareholder returns and more focus on societal and environmental change and we see BCorps together making this change happen.

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