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Until now there have been very few sustainable alternatives to stretch pallet wrap made from new, virgin plastic. While there are reusable wraps in market, and we would highly recommend investigating these, they are often only suitable if the wrap is used within a closed loop system.In 2020, we began producing a certified home compostable pallet wrap before deciding we could do a lot better – we could make pallet wrap from 100% recycled plastic pollution and clean up the environment in Southeast Asia at the same time.

Here’s why POLLAST!C Pallet wrap is so much better!

Because your manufacturing will often take place in Asia, your factory is likely responsible for sourcing the poly bags they packaging your garments into. That's why we've made it super-easy for your manufacturers/suppliers to order Better packaging on your behalf! 


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For over 60 years Bisley Workwear has been a leader in the Australian workwear industry providing the kit needed for workers across the country in comfort and safety. 


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