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We recently launched a revolutionary new comPOST Pack called "I'm Spot On". This mailer is special for a few reasons. Firstly, it represents the triumph of working out how to print multiple colours onto our home compostable mailer without compromising its environmental impact. This mailer is also 200% carbon offset (like all our mailers) making it a truly carbon negative product.

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Your Better Packaging  mailers are now CarbonFree! We are gradually, one by one, conducting thorough Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs) of our products and have finally completely them for all our Mailers.

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Even though we’d been working on our BCorp application for over two years, we chose possibly the worst time to submit it – Covid lockdown March 2020. Apparently every other company (we may be exaggerating a tad here!) also on the BCorp journey had also decided to use lockdown to finish off their submissions and get them in … And so it was, that 6 months later, we were finally certified and we could not be more chuffed!
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