World Environment Day - 5 June

World Environment Day – 5 June

Being Better Every Day – But Especially on 5th June

Here at The Better Packaging Co., every day is world environment day because we are constantly working to fulfil our commitment to caring for the Earth and its resources. However, on the 5th of June each year we get to capitalise – both literally and grammatically – on this by celebrating the official World Environment Day!

We know that you’re already on board with this idea (which is a relief, because quite frankly if you weren’t, we couldn’t be friends), but we thought you might be interested in finding out a little more about what World Environment Day means, why it’s important, and how we can all get involved.

Five Decades of Environmental Focus

The United Nations created World Environment Day, which has been observed every year since 1974, to raise awareness and provoke action on environmental issues ranging from desertification and biodiversity to poverty and population growth. Each year has a different focus and is hosted by a different country.

Time for Nature

This year’s theme is “Time for Nature”, and the day is being hosted by Colombia in association with Germany. Everything that makes the Earth habitable, from the air we breathe and the food we eat to the climate we live in and the water that’s essential to almost every aspect of our lives – World Environment Day this year is all about drawing attention to the state of these vital elements, and what we as individuals and collectively can do to preserve them.

Why Me, Why Now?

The exceptional situation in which we currently find ourselves ties in neatly with this year’s theme. COVID-19 has seen many of us required to work from home (or not work at all), which has resulted in fewer vehicles on the road, fewer factories in operation and a refreshed focus on supporting local businesses. The natural environment has enjoyed a little breathing space, and many of us have had the time to get out and appreciate the world around us on our daily walks around the neighbourhood.

We now have an opportunity to create a “new normal” for ourselves – what will yours look like?

Sign Me Up! What’s Next?

If we want to take an active role in reducing our impact on our environment, there are lots of steps we can take, by considering:

  • What we buy, how we buy it, how we use it and how we dispose of it
  • How we can operate our businesses in a more sustainable way
  • How we can grow our food while protecting the environment in which it is grown
  • How we can protect, nurture and enjoy our wild spaces
  • How we can teach our children to live more harmoniously with nature and inspire passion in them to care for the Earth

Learn. Share. Act.

The World Environment Day website has some amazing resources to help you contribute to the movement in your own way, including a fantastic toolkit that’s packed with advice on how to learn more about the environment, share what steps you’re taking at an individual or business level and act in a way that supports the natural environment. Even if you only choose one idea from each list to focus on, you’ll be making a difference.

For example, you could sign up for Earth School – a series of 30 lessons hosted by TED-Ed. You will be taken on a series of nature quests that cover everything from the food you eat to our pet topic: plastics.

Then you can put into action what you have learned – start a compost bin, learn how to use natural ingredients in place of harsh chemicals, or plant some flowers to provide a happy habitat for your neighbourhood bee population.

And remember to spread the word to your friends so they can find Time for Nature too. Search and share ideas and inspiration on social media by using #ForNature and #WorldEnvironmentDay

Come Join Us

Although in some ways, World Environment Day is just another day for the team at The Better Packaging Co., we’re always happy to be reminded of what we are trying to achieve and to celebrate what we’ve already accomplished. And we always love hearing about what our friends are up to so we can celebrate together – so be sure to let us know!