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What many don’t realise is that 80% of the plastic in our oceans has entered via land. It hasn’t dropped off fishing boats or flown overboard from cruise ships, it’s been washed or blown into the sea from a source on land. Ground-breaking research by Dr. Jenna Jambek in 2015 found that by far the majority of plastic in our ocean has come from within a 50km (30 mile) radius of the shore and coined the term ‘Ocean Bound Plastic’ (OBP) to describe this pollution. 
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In late 2019, Australian magazine 'Slow Journal' decided to test how quickly compostable courier bags degraded in a home compost. The results speak for themselves. After just 6 weeks, just a few scraps of the Better Packaging Co. 'Real Dirt Bag' remained and after 9 weeks they could find no trace of it. The other satchel ... still almost 100% intact. Pretty obvious which ones the worms prefer!
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