What Do Your Customers Want?

They want business to act, to combat waste, pollution and climate change, and they will change their purchasing behaviour accordingly. A recent survey of Australian consumers by agency Republic of Everyone has thrown up some fascinating insights into consumers' expectations of business, which brands are managing to reach them with their mesaging and how. The numbers don't lie - if you're not making a positive impact, you're going to be left behind.



Your customers want you to act.

Do you agree? Is it the role of business to try to make the world a better place?

Or is it up to individuals and the choices they make? Or government and the legislation/incentives they put in place?  





Waste, pollution, bullying & harassment, and climate change are the top 4 issues people want business to act on or at least believe they should be acting on …

People think that business should prioritise with more than the bottom line in mind, that they should be actively trying to reduce waste and pollution, and slow climate change. How is your business leaving the world a better place? 



As a business, why should you care about leaving the world a better place?

Well, we think you just should, but if you need another reason, it’ll improve your bottom line. People are a lot more likely to buy from a brand that is ‘doing its bit’.




Where to start?

Start right here. People believe the actions that they see and making considered packaging choices (and product choices) is the most powerful way to let them know your brand is making to right kind of impact.

Our POLLAST!C Range of packaging cleans up plastic pollution and waste AND is a super-low carbon alternative to traditional plastic. Your customers will love it!




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