We have to stop treating plastic like SH!T!

We’re kicking up a stink because humanity has a problem. We just can't seem to stop making more and more new plastic, most of it never gets recycled and far too much of it ends up in our oceans. Basically, we treat plastic like sh!t.​ 

The challenge laid down by the UN on World Environment Day 2023 is to find solutions to plastic pollution. At Better Packaging, we’re doing our best. This year alone, we'll collect 1 million kgs of plastic pollution from the environment in SE Asia and recycle it into POLLAST!C Packaging. We can only do this because our fabulous customers choose to use it. When they buy our packaging they’re effectively sponsoring us to remove plastic from the environment in areas where it’s highly likely to get into the ocean! Cool huh.

Why put a giant poop on Bondi Beach?

This huge emoji poop represents the amount of plastic that enters the ocean EVERY 30 SECONDS. Scary huh. Most of it enters via land, and most of that from Asia. These regions don't have any formal waste management or recycling infrastructure - plastic just gets thrown 'away', buried or burnt. Eventually, with the next monsoon rains, that plastic will get washed into a ditch, then a stream, a river, and then the ocean. We want to stop that happening!

We're about making a positive impact on our planet and its people and packaging is the way we've chosen to do that.
We believe that packaging doesn't have to be the villain in the environmental story, but the hero instead. Our POLLAST!C Rangemade from recycled Ocean Bound Plastic pollution is a great example of this.

What is the poop made of?

It's constructed mostly of recycled waste plastics and secondhand fishing nets. It has a wooden tree structure inside to keep it upright. Wherever possible we've recycled materials to make it and will ensure that eventually as much as possible is recycled.

What will happen to the poop now?

It's currently in temporary storage until it goes 'on tour' later this year. If you've got an idea for how or where it might 'kick up a stink' let us know!

Amanda Vela, Special PR​
Giant plastic poop and surfer on Bondi Beach World environment day 2023
Giant plastic poop on Bondi Beach World environment day 2023 - shot by AquaBumps
Giant plastic poop on Bondi Beach World environment day 2023 - shot by AquaBumps2

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