Your Manufacturers Can Now Package Better Too

"If we eliminated the use of polybags, garments would be damaged...A damaged product that is unwearable has a far greater environmental cost than manufacturing a polybag."

Patagonia –‘A Study on the Challenges of Garment Delivery’

We're here to make it as easy as possible for you to minimise the negative impact of your business on the environment!

Replacing your courier mailers with a 'Better' alternative is relatively easy because that's a step in your supply chain that you can control. You may do your own fulfilment or even if you use a 3PL, you are able to use or supply your 3PL with the kind of packaging you want for your business.

Poly bags are a little trickier to replace because your manufacturing will often take place in Asia and your manufacturer is likely responsible for sourcing them. That's why we've made it super-easy for your manufacturers/suppliers to order Better packaging on your behalf. 

Here's how:

Manufacturer-Direct Portal

1. Discounted Pricing based on your volumes

    Within our online portal, we will create a price list just for you and your suppliers based on your forecast demand. When suppliers purchase (or purchase on your behalf), they are charged these prices.

    2. Your manufacturers order from us directly

    Your manufacturer/s (suppliers) will be provided with details to log in to the portal where they can place orders for Better polys (and other packaging). Their order will ship from our closest warehouse - often this is our warehouse in Shenzen - so they'll arrive quickly, shipping costs are minimised and so is the carbon footprint.

    3. Invoiced to you or your manufacturer

    When we set up your account you can choose whether the purchase is to be billed back to you, or whether your manufacturer should pay for it. This will of course depend on the arrangements you have in place with them. They are able to pay in either USD or RMB.

    4. No need to re-package

    Because your manufacturer has packed your goods in Better polys or ziplock bags, when you receive them, there's no unbagging, re-bagging or re-wrapping in tissue required. Your goods can be shipped directly to your customers so you'll save on handling costs, time and resources.


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