Upcycle Your Packaging Into Spooky Halloween Decorations ūüéÉūüĎĽ

Got any used packaging hanging around? Inspired by one of our Better Friends @frayfibres who made an eerie installation from repurposed Buff Compostable Mailers and Compostable Garment Bags, we've turned some of ours into second-hand Halloween decorations too!


First you'll need to cut out a square from one side of a black POLLAST!C or Compostable Mailer and then follow the tutorial below on youtube. We stretched ours a bit so that it was less uniform and a bit more realistic!


Cut out this template (or make up your own half bat shape) and place it against the use the side of a mailer. Trace around the template, cut it out, unfold and voila, bats ahoy! Please share your spooky creations with us @betterpackagingco!




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