WPN. Activewear

In mid 2014 as busy professionals with a passion for anything active and adventurous we noticed a seemingly large gap in the market for men’s activewear. WPN. set out to not only to fill that gap but to spark a movement, build a culture and bring together male athletes from all walks of life in the pursuit of success. Today we pride ourself on being the true transitional Activewear for men, by fusing high-level craftsmanship with on-point urban design and the most technically advanced materials on the market. From the gym and active lifestyle to casual bar or cafe settings, we believe that performance apparel should not be restricted to the gym.
OUR MISSION At WPN. we strive to build a brand that goes beyond the activewear. We aim to create a culture around our apparel that brings men together as a unit, a team. Helping motivate each other to become stronger, healthier and happier, while achieving success along the way. Men’s mental health is a cause that we are extremely passionate about. Knowing how important it is to keep a healthy mind and body; our mission is to help raise awareness and reduce the rate of men’s suicide in Australia and the world. We aim to do this through education, fitness and health tips, events, but perhaps most importantly through donating part of the profits from every sale towards a charity that is helping raise awareness and reduce the rate of suicide in men.
THE NAME, THE ICON Our name is the abbreviation of the word ‘weapon’, a phrase used to describe someone who may be extremely skillful, strong or dominant in their field. Using the abbreviation gives the logo a sense of minimalistic style and mystery behind it’s meaning. Our icon is designed an abstract representation of two swords clashing. The linear, sharp structure was designed to symbolise strength and performance. Our mission with the design of our logo was to give a sense of empowerment and motivation to become your own weapon.
We’re not just another brand, we’re a culture, a movement. WE ARE WPN.

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