ROWIE is the brainchild of Byron Bay native- Rowie Moore. Completely self-taught, Rowie has been cultivating her craft and producing clothing since her early teenage years, growing up on the North Coast of NSW, Australia. Raised in a community surrounded by creative people, Rowie left school at the age of fourteen and delved into the realm of fashion design, sewing and pattern-making, exhibiting in her first show at age 17. Living at the “Oasis” in the terraced-lined streets of Surrey Hills in her youth, a long-standing share house that had been a haven for bohemian creatives since the 1970’s, fuelled Rowie’s artistic talents and creative drive. From there Rowie’s passion for designing evolved and she started selling her pieces at local markets around the North Coast of NSW. Her eclectic style became more refined over time, though the feminine form always remained her focal point. The brand has since expanded – branching into a luxe ROWIEhomewares range and leather accessories. With her freewheeling style, you can find Rowie sketching designs on napkins while on the run or locked away in her studio, entrenched in her creative realm. The designer finds inspiration from the women that surround her, and the colourful streets of Byron Bay provide a perpetual visual palette for fashion creativity

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