The Wild Swim

The Wild Swim is a sustainable swimwear label based in Australia. The two biggest steps in making The Wild Swim was ensuring our swimwear is sustainable and eco-friendly, and the entire manufacturing process is ethical and sweat-shop free. All our swimwear is made using eco-friendly fabrics which has been created using recycled plastic waste that has been found in the ocean. This material has been regenerated into exact same quality as virgin nylon, the only difference is it doesn’t cost the earth. In fact, this material is of the highest quality and offers even stronger resistance to suntans, creams and oils than regular swimwear material. As for the manufacturing, all our pieces are ordered in small quantities, and ethically made by a wonderful team in Bali, Indonesia. We can confirm our manufacturers are treated fairly and get paid well over the minimum wage. Their expert craftsmanship (and the eco-friendly fabric, of course) is the reason our bikinis are made so well and with such high quality.

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