QMBeautique Inc

QMBeautique Inc. is a new beauty brand supplying consumers with beautiful, sustainable, and simple products for an uncomplicated beauty routine while encouraging purchases that make you feel good.  

Specializing in magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes, we also offer some complimentary beauty products which focus on taking a mindful approach to beauty. Simple, minimal ingredients, and mindfully crafted beauty products with a sustainable mindset regarding business and the beauty industry while giving back to the planet – with each sale, a portion is donated to support the National Greening Program with Tree Canada.

We have strived to incorporate as many sustainable practices as possible into the production of our products, right out of the gate. From the inks used on our packaging to the mindful selections of materials eliminated or employed based on footprint, availability, and recyclability. We want to present consumers with not only a great product alternative but one that has been carefully crafted with like minded suppliers striving to set market expectations high as it relates to social and economic responsibility. Our line features plastic free alternatives for lash packaging and other products. 

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