Salt Sister Swim

The Salt Sister Swim story is a unique one - we believe that beauty on the inside is just as important as beauty on the outside - that includes the beauty that surrounds us, particularly the Oceans in which we play. We’re proud to be ethically made and a part of the slow fashion movement. Biodegradable packaging and labels are non-negotiable, thanks to our Better Packaging friends. Our top-quality recycled fabrics look great and make sense. We donate our time to a local UAE non-profit organization Little People Big Hearts who take care of the underprivileged people of Dubai as well as participating in local beach clean-ups and mangrove plantation activities. We donate 1% of our profits to an environmental conservation company of our choice every 6 months to highlight different environmental issues and support a new organization with each collection we bring out. This way you know that when you wear Salt Sister or workout with us online, you’re doing something great - inside and out.

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