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"While there has been a big jump into eCommerce for many brands lately, there is also a less progressive danger with environmental impact. And after working with couriers and eCommerce for years, Kate Bezar and Rebecca Percasky became horrified at the amount of plastic waste the industry was generating and so set out to do something about it. This vision has formed into a The Better Packaging Co. and a range of sustainable packaging solutions that consider the complete lifecycle impact of a product from raw material sourcing, right through to end-of-life disposal. There’s a lot of talk at the moment about how we can rebuild with a focus on the Green Economy here and if The Better Packaging Co. is anything to go by, there is global demand for some of the innovations that we can produce here. In a very short amount of time, Kate and Rebecca have launched into Australia, USA, UK and China.

Listen to the interview &/or watch the video here

WITH UNREAL TIMES "All industries should strive to be better, and Better Packaging Co is the company showing companies the way. This episode we are joined by the founders Rebecca and Kate to discuss their full circle approach to sustainable packaging and beyond..." Listen to the podcast here. Also available on iTunes

WITH 'SheEO VICKI' In late 2019, we (Becs and Kate) had the pleasure of chatting to the founder of SheEO, Vicki Saunders, about The Better Packaging Co. and what drives us personally to reduce the amount of waste in the world.
SheEO has played a very special part in our journey. Vicki and her team have been both cheerleaders urging us onward and inspiration compelling us in the same direction.
We would urge any female-lead venture "working on the World's To-Do List" to consider applying for this programme - underpinned by the promise of "radical generosity" it truly is fantastic. And, if you are in a position to be an Activator, then please also do so, you will make lasting change. Listen to the Podcast Here

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