Pressie Awards: for our "Pile of Plastic Sh!t"

As Christmas nears, our Bondi 'Pile of Plastic Sh!t' just keeps on giving! 

We're stoked to share that our World Environment Day 2023 campaign has taken home a Gold for 'Best Media Relations' at the Pressie Awards last week and Silver for “Best Creative PR Campaign”. Massive kudos to Special PR and Special Group for this recognition of all their awesome work and creative genius. 

The Pressie Awards celebrate the most remarkable campaigns that have emerged in the PR, Experiential, and Social industry of Aotearoa New Zealand over the past year.

"Recognition in the Best Media Relation category acknowledges exceptional earned media coverage that went beyond the conventional media release, demonstrating the power of storytelling and compelling content that deliver outstanding results in a competitive and crowded market."

Raising awareness of the ocean plastic problem is critical so we're deeply encouraged to continue sharing ways to stop making more and more new plastic and to instead reuse the resources we already have.

See all winners here.


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