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MyNZTE - Better Packaging Co: selling to overseas businesses

What we have found is our journey… you know as time’s progressed those customers
who have first said, “Look we can't afford to do this”, have come back a year, two years later and said, “Actually you know what, we can't afford not to”. - Kate Bezar  

SpinachTV - Better Packaging - Improving the Environment One Package at a Time 

Becoming B Corp certified was a really important thing for us because the B Corp framework enabled us to grow the business from the ground up, so we've used that framework from day one to say this is how we operate and this is who we want to be - Rebecca Percasky

Productpreneur Success Podcast

I think a really interesting (challenge)... is the increased skepticism around environmental claims and the ongoing cracked down on greenwashing. Sometimes it feels like even the ones who are doing things genuinely, authentically and for the right reasons, it's really hard to really hard to cut through... It's certainly a challenge but overall we're embracing anything that cleans up the industry can only be good for those who are doing it in a genuine way. - Kate Bezar

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