BPCo awarded Gold Pin at the 2023 Best Awards

While we just love doing the Best sh!t, it's also pretty cool to be recognised for it. This month our "Plastic pile of sh!t" won a coveted Gold Pin at the Best Awards. The Best Design Awards is an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, digital and motion design. Congrats to our incredible agencies The Special Group and The Glue Society for taking our crazy brief and running with it ... all the way to Bondi Beach.

On 5 June, UN World Environment Day 2023, Better Packaging Co. 'dumped' a giant plastic poop on Bondi Beach to represent the sheer volume of plastic pollution that enters our oceans every 30 seconds. Our aim was to challenge businesses to incorporate more recycled content into their packaging. We believe that it's only by creating demand for recycled plastic that the systems for its collection and recycling will be developed, particularly in the poorest parts of the world which are also generally the source of most ocean plastics. Basically, the world has to stop treating plastic like sh!t and value it instead.

With our new P­­OLLAST!C range of packaging made from 100% PCR recovered from nature in Southeast Asia, we have proven that it is possible to make fit for purpose, great-looking packaging with an extremely high percentage of recycled plastic. There are no more excuses.­­

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