Looking for more sustainable packaging?

Better Packaging Co. designs revolutionary packaging solutions to put the eco into eCommerce, making it super simple for businesses of all sizes to minimise their footprint. We believe in a circular economy in which generating waste is not an option and where packaging can be a force for good to combat pollution, climate change and social inequity.
Whether you're looking for plastic-free, biodegradable, recyclable packaging or even packaging made from pollution, get 15% off when you choose Better Packaging Co.

Better Packaging

Packaging is a necessity for any business, but at Better Packaging Co. our range is a whole lot Better - mailing satchels, poly bags, labels, protective packaging, tape and more. We have ranges that are Home Compostable, Recyclable and in a world first, now made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic pollution. But most importantly, affordable and available in small unit quantities.

We’re a proud BCorp, offset our carbon footprint on core packaging lines by 100% and are working in collaboration with Intuit in its commitment to climate-positive action. 


Get 15% off when you choose Better.

Make sure your parcels are packed with impact in our stunning colours and designs made from certified sustainable materials. Whether you’re looking for plastic-free, biodegradable, recyclable or even packaging made from pollution, we’ve got the best options and you get 15% off! 

Use discount code INTUITCLIMATE to redeem your offer. Your customers will love your new packaging and everyone will feel better about sending and receiving their purchases!

Packed with Impact.

Our range of certified compostable packaging has expanded from our now infamous, ‘’Real Dirt Bag” mailing satchels – to include labels, poly bags, packing tape, ziplock bags, bubble mailers and more.

Most recently, we launched POLLAST!C™- the world’s first mailers and poly bags made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic pollution. We’re super proud of this new range and its potential to tackle the massive problem of plastic in our oceans and also reduce the climate change associated with virgin plastic production.
By working with communities in some of the world’s most polluted coastal regions, we collect plastic pollution before it enters the ocean and then recycle it into packaging for your business.  


You Purchase. We Plant. We Track your Impact.

For every purchase you make with us, we will plant a tree to help combat the effects of climate change and reverse the negative environmental impact of carbon emissions. It's our way of saying thank you and ensuring that your packaging is Packed with Impact!  
When you become a Better Packaging customer you get your own impact dashboard to track the positive changes your business is making. Every purchase you make has the potential to remove Ocean Bound Plastic pollution from the environment, reduce water usage, offset CO2 and empower people in impoverished communities. Together we're Better.


Intuit Climate Action Marketplace

We’ve teamed up with Intuit (the global financial platform) to help empower small businesses to take positive steps in reducing carbon emissions and their negative impact on the environment. Collectively, the choices we and millions of other small businesses make today can accelerate our global response to the climate and waste crises.   

Intrigued? Find out more and make the change.

Who is the BPCo?

Rebecca Percasky and Kate Bezar founded the Better Packaging Co. in 2018.
Their aim was to reduce the negative impact on the environment from packaging by making more sustainable alternatives available to businesses of all sizes. They know (and have shown since) that change happens from grassroots – a lot of small businesses together can create a movement and demonstrate to the bigger guys how it can be done – Better! Since then, BPCo.’s customers have replaced over 60 million (and counting) single-use, virgin plastic bags with plant-based, compostable alternatives.

How much impact can I make by switching to Better Packaging?

The short answer is – a lot!  

The amount of waste generated by eCommerce is extraordinary – and growing. Traditional packaging for this industry is single-use, difficult to recycle and often made from virgin plastic. By switching to alternatives that are reusable and/or biodegradable and/or made from 100% recycled pollution, you are keeping waste from landfill, stopping more plastic from entering our oceans and making sure that we avoid the greenhouse gas emissions associated with virgin plastic production. Each purchase you make with Better Packaging is tracked on your own individual impact dashboard on our site. 

What are your minimum order quantities?

We have a range of sustainable packaging solutions to suit businesses big or small. Take our mailers as an example. It's possible to purchase as few as 20 mailers, 100 mailers, or for slightly bigger businesses who want their brand to shine, we offer customer branding options. 

How easy is it to switch to more sustainable packaging?

Super simple – our products don’t require any change in processes for your team, they can just replace the old packaging with Better. It's as simple as placing an online order here. But, if you do want further product information or you’re not sure if we have what you’re looking for, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you at hello@betterpackaging.com