THE M|N|MLLuxuriously basic. Resolutely ethical. THE M|N|ML is an Australian ethical clothing label creating luxe, timeless and utterly wearable basics for women who want to be themselves, without compromise. Pronounced the minimal, the brand creates affordable, ethical and socially-conscious fashion while contributing to social change by giving back to the community. The brand embodies the simple luxury of dressing minimally and was created by Brisbane-based sisters, Safa Itote and Desta Cullen, who share a love of natural fibres and good design. Our mission is well-made clothes that not only make you feel and look good but also do good in the community. As well as being conscious of our impacts environmentally and socially, THE M|N|ML donates a portion of our sales to charities working to improve access to basic needs for parts of the community. It’s called Basics4Basics and we’re super proud currently to be donating to Yalari and AIME. Made from sustainably sourced materials, predominantly GOTS-certified organic cotton, the majority of our pieces are manufactured locally by OCC Apparel, an ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia) accredited factory based in Sydney. Some of the styles we sell, are manufactured in ethical off-shore factories in India and Bangladesh and certified by fair trade and fair wear organisations. You can find the details of construction and manufacturing on each style's page.

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