Têra Kaia

Têra Kaia is an outdoor apparel brand, designed by women, located in California’s Eastern Sierra, with a grassroots start that created something amazing: Basewear.

What is Basewear? Well, it’s not a sports bra… and it’s not a swimsuit. It’s both, and more! Basewear is designed for hiking, climbing, and swimming. Seamless, reversible, and minimal Basewear is inspired by your form and curves to stay with you on any outdoor adventure.

At Têra Kaia ethics and sustainability drive everything we do.From our approach to design to the way we source our materials and create our garments, we are constantly adapting toward a sustainable future.

We believe in creating a circular lifecycle for every single piece of Basewear so we can keep our garments out of the landfill, and guarantee the fair labor of all the humans in our supply chain. From designing our garments to be worn into the ground, to offering a Basewear Repair Program for when they inevitably get loved to death.

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