We are New Zealand’s first sustainable online clothes swapping collective. Think of it as an open wardrobe where you can swap your clothes with other members (Swapologists) across New Zealand. We run on a points system, so the more clothes you send in, the more points you’ll receive to shop/swap with! Being part of the Swapology’s wardrobe collective allows members, Swapologists, to refresh their wardrobes without the guilt that fast fashion perpetuates and with the added reward of saving money. To consume fashion more sustainably, we need to transform the relationship with our wardrobes. By choosing used clothing over new when possible, we can create new habits and small ripples in an industry that is over producing. We have begun our journey as a sustainable business through our supply chain by working with companies who align with our values. We will keep evolving in this as we strive to make a difference. Find out more and become a Swapologist now.

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