Knot Just Cords

Knot Just Cords is based in Perth, Western Australia and was founded by Bree Smith in January 2018. After feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of motherhood, Bree attended a macrame workshop where she discovered the therapeutic benefits of making.

We sell DIY macrame kits with the aim to encourage women to take time out for themselves and learn macrame the easy, fun and stress-free way. Inspiration for the kits came out of Bree's love of teaching and wanting to show other busy women how easy it is to incorporate mindfulness into their day to help with mental health. To show how macrame allows the maker to be in the moment, forget their stresses and relax their mind which in turn helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The macrame cord used in our kits is 100% recycled cotton, the instruction booklets are printed on eco paper, kits are boxed in cardboard boxes and mailed with compostable mailer bags.

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