Kiska Textiles

Kiska Textiles, based in Toronto, Canada,has been producing textiles for bedding and apparel since 2010. The line was founded by Beth Poulter, and is a true reflection of her, it is (somewhat) tailored, elegant, free-spirited and a little wild and irreverent at times (in a good way) Our line is artfully hand printed in India and meticulously hand crafted, with love by our very talented workroom in Toronto. Our gorgeous collection of prints is available for bedding, home accessories and apparel. All of our textiles are printed on either 100% cotton, silk or linen. We would love to rid the world and, particularly our oceans, of all forms of plastic and therefore do not use plastic packaging of any kind! We are also advocates for, and have a very strong love of, rescue dogs (and bourbon manhattans!!)

Our inspiration comes in many forms; the legendary Shanghai Art-Deco period, the fine details of a Frida Kahlo painting, the Inuit print makers of Cape Dorset Canada and the gorgeous layering of patterns within a Japanese Ukiyo-e print, to name but a few.It's all about the mixing and layering effect of our many different patterns and colours. Our designs are controlled, contemporary, and not at all flowery. The metallic elements of gold and silver add the sparkle and shine or as we like to call it... the jewelry!! Seriously appealing to any raven instinct!

OH!! and how about this!!! In 2010, during his visit to Toronto, Kiska Textiles was given the honour of designing the bed and meditation bed for His Holiness the Dalai Lama!!

(Beth had lunch with him. He was awesome!! )

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