Introducing the Coralcone. Designed & engineered by vagina owners, for vagina owners right here in Aotearoa New Zealand. Ya see, a menstrual cup is a great choice for you, and a great choice for the planet, but the majority of 'em out there are still missing the mark when it comes to really working in tune with our bodies.

We really thought inside the box, like, got riiiight up in thurr, to ensure we created something that would no longer leave our fannies feeling fatigued. We didn’t invent the menstrual cup, but we did design it to be a fork’n lot easier to use - no matter where your cervix is positioned.

Soft, flexible, durable medical grade safe silicone is the luxury comfort we deserve during our 'time of the month' - ensuring a great seal, but not causing a damaging suction situation. Our unique user-friendly design makes insertion and removal a breeze, so you don't have to be intimidated by a menstrual cup if you haven't used one before or are put-off because you haven't had a good experience with other cups.

Choosing sustainable period protection in itself makes a huge difference to your body's health and that of the environment, but your impact doesn’t stop there. We’ve partnered with Live Ocean to help protect and care for our oceans. With your help, we contribute $2 from every Coralcone purchase to marine science research and conservation initiatives. Protecting the ocean, one period at a time…pretty forking cool, right?


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