COAST is a luxury lifestyle company, that hand crafts in New Zealand a collection of travel bags, natural textiles, and soft furnishings, including our award winning Marine Bean collection, the original outdoor beanbag. We have drawn inspiration from the rewards and challenges of life by the sea: simple, relaxing and beautiful, but rugged and unforgiving. Inevitably, our design process has concentrated as much on materials and construction as on aesthetics and style, to ensure that everything we make is not only enduring, but timeless. We started out as a specialist supplier to super-yachts during the Americas Cup 2004 - and this industry remains a significant part of our business. In consequence, we continue to borrow many of the materials and methods that were previously the reserve of luxury yacht-building: Contemporary ocean-going sailing yachts must be comfortable, even opulent, and yet withstand the harshest conditions at sea. Every COAST product is designed for many years of enjoyment COAST – Escape Everyday

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