Cloth & Co.

Cloth & Co. is an Australian based luxury lifestyle brand founded with the primary objective of helping alleviate poverty through the utilisation of the traditional artisan’s skills, as well as providing capacity and skills development to those in need. In 2010 after a number of trips to India, mother and daughter Caroline & Daisy Poiner were on a train to Rishikesh reflecting on the incredible craftsmanship of traditional artisans in India, as well as discussing the strong desire to empower women in the rural villages.

Australian social enterprise Artisans of Fashion was launched in 2011, with the aim to promote cultural sustainability, authenticity and social change for village artisans in India; with a specific focus on empowering women & marginalised communities who have little access to alternative sources of income.

In 2014, the desire for womens empowerment and sustainable employment within the communities had developed into a collection of beautiful homewares and the start of Cloth & Co.

Each of our exquisite pieces is made with the utmost care, love and attention and are either hand spun, hand loomed, hand dyed, hand printed or hand stitched— they all reflect the extraordinary skills & craftsmanship of the individual artisan.

By owning a precious piece from Cloth & Co. you are contributing to the lives of these people through a regular income and a valuable vocational education.

We hope that our customers will enjoy the beauty of truly sustainable luxury…


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