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We recently launched a revolutionary new comPOST Pack called "I'm Spot On". This mailer is special for a few reasons. Firstly, it represents the triumph of working out how to print multiple colours onto our home compostable mailer without compromising its environmental impact. This mailer is also 200% carbon offset.

“Supporting one of the world's most endangered leopards ... this bag is Spot On!”

Also, in the past, any non-black mailer we made was somewhat transparent. These aren't! They are made of two thin layers if film - white on the outside and blush pink inside and you can barely see through them at all.

We wanted to showcase such a major design breakthrough in a striking way, but what should we print first? When we heard about the plight of the Amur Leopard from our friends at the World Wildlife Fund, things just started falling into place.

Did you know that there are less than 100 of these incredible animals left in the wild? They are, sadly, one of the world’s most endangered animals. We simply couldn’t miss this opportunity to dedicate the first in our new generation of mailers to them. Besides, who doesn’t love a good leopard print?!

We are donating US$1 from every pack of 100 sold to the WWF’s appeal to protect the Amur Leopard. So, by choosing “Spot On” for your mailers, you’re really doing a heap of good! 

But wait! There’s even more we can do here.  We want to empower your customers to get involved and increase the funds raised for this worthy cause. So, for every image of Spot

On mailers shared on social media that tags @betterpackagingco and uses the #spotoninthewild WE WILL DOUBLE THE DONATION for that bag. So, get your customers involved and encourage them to share their package on social, tag us and use the #spotoninthewild.  We get more done when we work Better Together. ;)

UPDATE: As of 19 August 2021 we have 'adopted' 5 Amur leopards with funds from the sale of these mailers!

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