These symbols mean the packaging should be


at home

Pop it in your own compost (making sure to remove the seal and any labels first).

Don’t have one? Think about setting one up. Did you know, approximately half of what households send to landfill is compostable material. 10% is from the garden and whopping 40% is from the kitchen.There are a number of ways to compost depending on your situation, there’s a great guide here. If you’re in Oz you might be able to save up to 80% on compost bins and worm farms with your local council!

Not interested in composting or just don’t have the space? Here are some other options …

  • ShareWaste which aims to link up those people without composting with those who do – it’s genius!
  • In Australia, the PlanetArk website will help you find your nearest composter

At work ... Does your workplace collect food scraps for composting?If so, just pop your used packaging in with your sandwich crusts.

If not, why not encourage your company to do just that. There are a number of recycling companies which will collect compostable waste and make sure it is recycled. The business recycling site will help you find your nearest composted.

by a commercial composter

Most of our products are suitable for home composting, but occasionally part of them is too thick (e.g. the zip on our comZIP bags) to break down within the required timeframe for home composting. BUT, if you're happy to wait a little longer, it will happen!

If not, check out our BCollected network below for somewhere to drop it off to, or perhaps check with your local cafe or foodcourt - they will often have collection bins for the compostable coffee cups and plates they now use.


with soft plastics

Click on the country below to find your local soft plastics collection point or country network.



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New Zealand


If you know of any other soft plastics recycling resources, drop us a note at so we can update our community.

with paper

This one's really easy. Just recycle any packaging with this symbol on it in the same way you'd recycle normal paper