The Healthy Household

The Healthy Household - Ethical. Honest. Innovative. High-Quality. Low-Stress. A 'safe' health store. Every item is screened to ensure it is non-toxic and ethical so being healthier can be easier and fun for you, your family and your home! Our mission is to support Australians who have good intentions of making healthier choices when purchasing goods for themselves, their homes and families, by helping to make their shopping experience easier and more enjoyable with a large range of readily accessible ‘safe’ health goods available under the one roof. We stock specially sourced, premium health and wellness supplements, fitness and gut health products and unique healthy goods that enhance your wellbeing and are safer to use inside your home. Being healthy really does run skin-deep and we focus on providing you with healthy high-quality, non-toxic and natural options for what goes on your body as well as inside it. Our holistic nutrition and functional medicine experts help us to select these products, only allowing passionate, ethical and like-minded brands to share their products in our store. We love our customers like our own! We are passionate about helping our customers to make better choices and provide advice whenever it is required, to allow people to get on with enjoying their life and enjoy more choice, especially when it comes to substituting sub-optimal products with optimal ones. Our mantra is: “nourish don’t punish your body”; we believe in having our cake and eating it too - our job is to give you access to natural, health-enhancing treats that may be regarded as naughty, but can enhance or align with your health and happiness mantras and be enjoyed without any guilt.

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