McIntyre Apparel

McIntyre was founded with the goal of introducing a new generation to the joys of wearing wool. Inspired by family lineage & old world craftsmanship McIntyre uses 100% Australian wool and manufactures right here in Melbourne Australia. McIntyre History THE JOURNEY FROM SCOTLAND TO AUSTRALIA When Duncan McIntyre emigrated from Scotland to Australia around 1830 he was possessed with a burning desire to make a name for himself. Working as a cabin boy on a prisoner of war ship to make his passage out, Duncan was no stranger to hard work. As soon as he landed he set to work; looking for employment in all forms of manual labour. Opportunity struck when he landed a job working on the prestigious Victorian wool farm ‘Clunie’. Duncan immediately saw the potential of the wool industry in Australia and was determined to ‘ride on the sheep’s back’ and make the McIntyre name synonymous with fine wool in Australia. DUNCAN SETTLES AT GLENOE IN 1854 BEFORE TRAGEDY STRIKES. After securing land for his family and building a temporary home which they named ‘Glenoe’ in honour of his beloved settled home of the McIntyre's in Scotland tragedy struck, and in 1854 aged just 40 Duncan was killed in a fall from a horse at the local Branxholm hotel. Duncan left behind his young wife Miriam and his daughter Isabelle. FAMILY BINDS TOGETHER & MAKE DUNCAN'S VISION A REALITY. At the time of Duncan McIntyre’s death, his youngest brother John and his family were making the voyage from Cape Colony (South Africa) to come and join Duncan on the quest to grow Merino wool in Australia. The third sibling Malcolm and his family were already in Victoria and once the two remaining brothers got together they decided to continue Duncan’s dream of farming Merino wool in the McIntyre name. Still in the hands of descendants today Glenoe continues to produce some of the world’s finest Merino wool and is the inspiration behind the McIntyre brand.

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