2023 Vendors in Partnership Awards

We're chuffed to come away at the 2023 Vendors in Partnership Awards with the VIP ‘Sustainability, Inclusivity, or Diversity Initiative’ Award! 

Over the years we have been honoured to win several awards for sustainability and innovation, but this one feels different (and excites us as much) because it is also a recognition of the inclusive and diverse workplace we have fostered over the past 5 years.

Vendor AwardsAU - VIP %u2018Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusiveness%u2019 Award

It hasn’t always been easy – like attracts like – and we’ve had to be very conscious in our approach to recruitment, but as of Dec 22 our team:

  • Has an age range of 27 years

  • Represents 7 different nationalities and 8 ethnicities

  • Is female-founded and led (highly unusual in packaging!)

  • Knows that every single one of them is valued, not because they fit in a box, but because they don’t.


We have recently begun sending all newbies a welcome email that contains this paragraph that hopefully tells it all:

We’re a pretty eclectic bunch and we like it that way – you’re unique, and that’s important. Don’t hide the things that make you you – take advantage of them. You have different skills, different knowledge and a different background. The way you think about problems shouldn’t constrain you, it should fill in the gaps we don’t even know we have! 


Here's to doing business Better!


PS at the time of publishing this, we're on the hunt for an Auckland-based Production Manager. Rafa (third from the right) has left a big Brazil-shaped hole in our hearts 🫶. If you're keen, or know someone who would love to work in a diverse workplace, apply now!



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