Eco Friendly Poly Garment Bags

Our eco-friendly poly garment bags (polybags) perform in exactly the same way as their plastic contemporaries, with one MASSIVE difference. Instead of taking thousands of years to break down, ours will safely biodegrade in a backyard compost in less than 6 months (they are AS 5810 Home Compostable Certified). Eco-friendly poly garment bags are lightweight but sturdy bags designed to protect products. They have a self-sealing fold over lip so no tape is needed. They are thin, yet durable so they don't take up much space while being transported.

We designed our eco friendly poly garment bags in response to the realisation that many billions of virgin plastic inners are used every day around the world. Let’s take a deeper look at the story of the plastic poly bag...

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Along Came Poly

A Decade Late Review by Saskia fromGo Posty

Let's talk about Polly. In 2004 she was everything we thought we needed; amusing, care free - maybe even a little reckless. However, over almost two decades later we’re left with a lingering question - was she fun or actually just toxic? Poly(urethane) might be short an L (and lacking the general charisma of a young Jennifer Aniston), but it prompts the same question. Is it possible that the single-use Poly bags that shroud almost every garment ever produced share an equally complex attraction?

The Pros

In today’s world, safe is sexy, and Poly doesn’t mess around when it comes to disease transmission; airborne or otherwise. Contrary to the plotline we know and love, new studies suggest single use plastics lower the risk of Covid infection. While this might be an expected safeguard for medical professionals, the trend has also reached consumers with many supermarkets also barring shoppers from bringing reusables all together. The result? A massive spike in single use bags, including our girl Poly. What can we say - she’s having amoment.

A lot of her popularity can also be put down to the fact that she’s still a cheap date. Polyurethane bags are made from crude oil and dominantly dependent on its value. In the last year alone the market has witnessed unprecedented lows, dragging Poly down with them. Virgin plastic has become so inexpensive the recycled plastic industry is struggling to stayafloat. We said Poly was cheap, not meek. She plays to win and fights dirty.

The Cons

Now before you go calling up Neil Lane(though there are more sustainable ring options) or running off to the airport for a grand gesture scene, remember Poly isn’t perfect. Though it may seem like she’s one in a million, the truth is she’sone of 500 billion, a year. Plot twist, your dream girl isn’t unique. Globally, about 2 million plastic bags are used per minute amounting to an annual figure between 500 billion and1 trillion. The sheer volume has become so overwhelming that some countries like the UK have even placed a nationwide plastic bag ban to curtail usage. Beyond that, many municipalities lack the infrastructure to properly recycle plastic bags. Consequently, they often end up in landfills or worse, the ocean. Yes, Poly’s not going anywhere– she’s a clinger.

Garment being inserted into plastic poly bag

Virgin plastic polybag

Which brings us to the topic of commitment. The average life span of a plastic bag is12 minutes, giving every indication that this relationship is nothing more than a fling. However, in reality these bags take thousands of years to break down and never disappear completely. Instead, plastic continues to fragment into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually forming microscopic particles known as microplastics. These tiny specs will pollute our water systems and bodies for decades to come. No matter how short your time with Poly may be, the impact is forever after.

At this point, it sounds like you might be wishing Poly’s something she’s not. The good news is you’re not alone. Thousands of optimistic consumers also partake in this well-intentioned action known as “Wishcycling”. This consists of consumers adding items to the recycling bin in the hope that they will be accepted and processed. Unfortunately, instead they create massive bottlenecks for recycling facilities. Plastic bags tend to be a major culprit, oftenjamming machines and bringing production to a halt. In other words, Poly won’t just ruin your life - she’ll go after the people you care about.

If all of this behavior sounds a bit a toxic, then brace yourself because it’s about to get a whole lot worse. In additional to oil, plastic bags contain a slew of dangerous chemicals. Most notably ingredients like benzene and vinyl hydrochloride have been linked to cancer while their manufacturing byproducts are known to damage the surrounding environment. These pollutants are often digested by wildlife, at which point the toxics are reintroduced into the eco system with decomposition. It’s a vicious cycle, right up there with maintaining a full head of highlights and a steady tan. We hear you Jenn.

Suddenly this review is looking more like a tragedy, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon rom-coms all together. Just like the world of cinema, packaging is evolving daily as promising new characters enter the scene, soon to be lifted to stardom. Dare we saycompostables are about to land a leading role? Afterall,64% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer offering compostable packaging. One thing is for certain, even without the cropped sweaters and pet ferret, Poly is a mixed bag.

A Better Solution

Ourcompostable poly bags are popular for brands with multiple offshore and local suppliers. If polybags are currently sourced by your suppliers, we can set you up on a direct model where we offer a discounted price (based on your total business volumes), your suppliers order directly from us and we ship straight to them from our warehouse in China. You can choose whether the packaging is billed back to you or to the suppliers. It works a dream and is no extra admin or cost to you. Suppliers can order online and pay in RMB via Alipay.

We also offer a wide range of eco-friendly packaging options.

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