Aus Post to stop charging more for Sustainable Packaging

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Aus Post to stop charging more for Sustainable Packaging

As of 30 September 2019, Australia Post will charge the same prices to send parcels under 5kg NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE PACKAGED IN!

Why is this a BIG deal? Well up till now, if you were a small business or just someone wanting to send a parcel, it would cost you less - significantly less - to use one of Australia Post's prepaid plastic satchels than if you re-used some Kraft paper to wrap your parcel, or put in in a compostable satchel, or even if you wanted to turn one of their satchels inside out and re-use it again! This encouraged unsustainable behaviour, effectively forcing people to use a brand new plastic satchel every time.

But no more! After a successful petition by Sally Flannery, herself a small business owner, Aus Post committed to changing their pricing structure as per the table below.

For any eCommerce business, big or small, even a few dollars extra cost on each and every purchase adds up. The impact of this move financially and environmentally is going to be incredibly positive.

Come on New Zealand Post - when are you going to follow their lead?