As of 30 September 2019, Australia Post will charge the same prices to send parcels under 5kg NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE PACKAGED IN!

Why is this a BIG deal? Well up till now, if you were a small business or just someone wanting to send a parcel, it would cost you less - significantly less - to use one of Australia Post's prepaid plastic satchels than if you re-used some Kraft paper to wrap your parcel, or put in in a compostable satchel, or even if you wanted to turn one of their satchels inside out and re-use it again! This encouraged unsustainable behaviour, effectively forcing people to use a brand new plastic satchel every time.

But no more! After a successful petition by Sally Flannery, herself a small business owner, Aus Post committed to changing their pricing structure as per the table below.


For any eCommerce business, big or small, even a few dollars extra cost on each and every purchase adds up. The impact of this move financially and environmentally is going to be incredibly positive.

Come on New Zealand Post - when are you going to follow their lead?



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