Warren Hill

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Born from a need for simple, neutral, beautiful play mats, that you're proud to show off in your home, our play mats are made from high-quality French Flax linen, stonewashed to make them luxuriously soft from the first time your little one plays on it.

As a young family with two young boys, we always struggled to find baby products that we were proud to have as a part of our home.
So... We set out to create one.

In a world full of distractions, we believe in the beauty of simplicity, we strive to take a step back to remember the most important things to us, which are also the simplest things - comfort, safety, time, love and of course, fun. Our playmats are a reflection of these values, and we hope this shines through.

Designed in beautiful Currumbin, Australia, we believe in quality over quantity, that style needn’t come at the expense of comfort and comfort needn’t come at the expense of style.

Having a baby is an incredible journey and a privilege, we would love our play mats to become a part of your stories and memories and the thought of that is just so exciting.