The Social Outfit

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We’re an independently-accredited, ethical trading social enterprise that provides employment and training in the fashion industry to people from refugee and new migrant communities in clothing production, retail, design and marketing. We focus on supporting refugee and new migrant women and young people to be work ready or develop goals for their future so they can feel a sense of belonging and purpose. By working from the traditional and cultural strengths of our diverse community, we aim to build-up lasting skills. We run a clothing retail store, onsite manufacturing and sewing school from 188 King Street, Newtown. By working with fashion and community partners to create our clothing collections, we support refugees and new migrants to gain vital skills and work experience, develop social connections and feel empowered to transform their lives. 70% of our activities go into running our store and workroom, where we provide employment opportunities for refugees and new migrants in ethical clothing manufacturing and retailing. 30% of our work goes towards running free training and education programs that expand social connections and provide positive experiences for refugees and new migrants. We are also ethically accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia and the Good On You app. The Social Outfit is accredited and licensed to display the Ethical Clothing Australia trademark on its Australian-made garments. Ultimately, we want to continue to make and sell quality products that help financially empower people, and provide customers with unique pieces that tell amazing human stories.