The Alternative Mumma

The Alternative Mumma is a one woman show, that provides hand made Oil, Crystal and Herb synergies as "alternative" options to health. They are all 100% natural, cruelty free, sustainable and Australian made products and spiritual tools, laced with a little bit of magick. They are for the "dreamers, the wise ones, the wild ones, the moon watchers, the magick makers, the healers, the "different." The ones who have always been. "We each have the innate ability to heal ourselves. To empower ourselves with natural solutions, instead of succumbing to life-altering chemicals. There's a time and place for pharmaceuticals, but it shouldn't be the first answer, nor the only form of treatments." - Dana Arcuri As well as my small business venture, I write a very honest blog about everyday single Mum life, raising my wilding and my choice of "alternative" lifestyle.

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