Real Pretty Kind

Introducing REAL PRETTY KIND, the new Tween lifestyle label exclusively for 8-14 year old change makers. WE DESIGN TO EMPOWER pretty bold, pretty smart, pretty kind, fun-loving tweens; ready to dream big + rock their futures! From cult collectable designer streetwear and eco gifting anchored in togetherness + self care; to a quarterly online tween zine; we're championing tween spirit and adding MORE JOY in all the ways. And, because it should be ALL GOOD IN YOUR TWEENHOOD, WE PROUDLY SUPPORT the Alannah+Madeline and Butterfly Foundations - kicking bullying + body shaming (two of Tweens' key concerns) to the curb, with charity donations we make every time you shop with us. The future is bright. The future is #PEOPLEANDPLANETKIND

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