Orange Bibs

Orange bibs are a UK-based company with a vision to create the most sustainable baby products on the planet, starting with (you guessed it) - orange bibs. It all began with the question "Why are all babies bibs white, when all baby food is orange?" After Lee asked his wife Elizabeth that question, it sparked the couple into launch a brand that would solve this, and some other slightly bigger, problems. They agreed to make the whole supply chain 100% sustainable, using only GOTS certified cotton and plant-based dye, with no chemicals, metals or plastics. Even the packaging would be biodegradable (hello Betterpackaging co!). This meant, because they were orange in colour, food wouldn't leave a stain on the bib. And, because they were green in nature, the bibs wouldn't leave a stain on the planet. If it's orange, it's green.

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