Lemon Jewellery

Lemon Jewellery was founded 5 years ago from a desire to create pieces that explore our understanding of beauty, combining the organic and untamed with the sleek and elegant. Chokers and necklaces are fashioned with roughly-hewn pendants and curious motifs. Rings, cuffs and bracelets explore the label's signature lines and arcs, bringing a touch of moody opulence. Petite studs and statement earrings offer the perfect finishing touch, with fine chains and unusual stones elevating otherwise-classic silhouettes. These carefully curated collections are released twice a year in very limited numbers.
Lemon is based in Brunswick Heads in NSW, the pieces are designed by Libby Haines and manufactured in India. The factory she works with is a female owned business, with a focus on female empowerment. All pieces are artisan made and made within fair and safe working conditions, free from harmful chemicals. The staff are all paid a liveable wage. The jewellery is packaged in cardboard boxes that Libby encourages customers to keep as storage for their pieces as this helps to prolong the life of their jewels and prevent tarnishing.
Libby seeks to create the finest quality jewels that exude an undeniable sense of originality, pieces her customers will treasure forever.