Jeramie By Design

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At the heart of JeramieByDesign is an utmost appreciation for nature and beauty. Each of Jeramie’s collections explore the beauty he has experienced in life and gives us an opportunity to see through his eyes.

It is this beauty that has inspired Jeramie and his two children Jessie and Caspian to create JeramieByDesign, a Platform that not only shares Jeramie’s designs with the world but is creating change within the Fashion industry by inspiring people to protect the things we love.

The natural world that has inspired so many of Jeramie’s designs is crumbling faster than ever. We are striving to make a difference! From using 100% recycled silver to our 100% compostable packaging we are minimising our impact on the world but we don’t stop there. For every sale through JeramieByDesign we plant a tree in a vulnerable Australian habitat as well as each collection having 10% of profits going to a related charity. We are constantly looking to do better and have so much to share!

As our community grows we hope to inspire the fashion and retail scene to minimise their harm and create a world full of natural beauty for our future generations!