Jane. magazine

  • 2 min read a biannual fashion and fine art publication shot entirely on film and printed on paper. The magazine explores the disciplines of art, photography, fashion and poetry. Changing the perception that print is disposable, a slow art movement that has been created with consideration and creative freedom to provide an authentic, progressive, and timeless vision and voice. Slowing down the creation and consumption of art, jane. is devoted to the art of storytelling, offering real and authentic ideas that are guided only by creativity. “We wanted to create a visual world that we were proud to be apart of. Something that represented an idealistic view of the industry we wanted to contribute to. It was a conscious effort to connect the notions of time, art and fashion and to change the way we as a society consume and create art. We wanted to slow things down and make something that people would to keep. Our aim was to create a publication that brought life and appreciation back into slower processes. To reintroduce readers to tangible elements of art, art they could lose themselves in and consume slowly and indulgently.” - Odin Wilde and Annika Hein, Founders, Creative Directors and Editors in Chief.
ISSUE FOUR - different ways of seeing

In our own version of conceptual directions, and in an effort to rebuild and collectively deliver new thinking patterns that pertain to the way we create and consume art and the artfulness there is to be found in life, we dedicate this issue of JANE to brave journeys made through the unfamiliar. To becoming disorientated and awakening our inner intuition. To believing in abstract possibilities, questioning the landscape, and creating a new social discourse. To disrupting the system and making art we remember. To being guided by love and instinct and imagination.

To new ways of thinking, new ways of being, and new ways of creating.
To different ways of seeing.