Green is the Go

  • 2 min read

GITGO is a small family business committed to reducing our eco footprint and preserving nature as it is in the hope that future generations can enjoy the same wonders that we do. The little people in our family have made us see the world differently, it is life’s simple pleasures that matter most. Enjoying a walk along the beach shouldn’t include dodging plastic shopping bags and washed up straws. A stroll through the forest isn’t the same when soft drink cans and disposable coffee cups are added to the treasure hunt.

Our daily treats and habits are doing irreversible damage, by being aware of our choices and actions, involving the community and providing a range of products that are smart, safe and stylish is just the beginning. Competitive prices and easy shopping are also a bonus in the fast paced craziness that is today! A sustainable future is what we strive for to ensure quality of life for ourselves, our children and future generations.

Like most new parents we spent quite a few hours awake at odd times through the night when the little people needed cuddles and all the extras. This is where we did most of our research, planning, bills, banking and so on. One night we realised we had so much stuff, so so so much stuff. Stuff that we didn’t use or need. It was weighing us down. In an attempt to streamline our lives we went minimalist. We invested in good quality items that had multiple uses and would last. One gap we found in the process was travel coffee cups. Now we had them all, ceramic (not safe with little people), plastic (tasted foul really quickly), fancy metal ones (impossible to effectively clean in the pop ups) and so on. So this is why we are here, the Green is the go Rice husk travel coffee cup. Yes its basic.. But its a no fuss alternative to disposables and all the others all whilst using agricultural by product. These cool yet basic cups have some awesome features. We loved them and just had to share! And we hope to minimise or even eliminate the amount of disposables we see around our amazing region we call home, the Mornington Peninsula.

Our packaging, flyers and business cards are all made from recycled materials where possible and our delivery system is carbon neutral. We strive to make a difference and this is evident in every aspect of our business.

Want to make a difference? Ready to make the change? Jump on board with GITGO! Our product line may be small, but our hearts are huge – as our mission takes off so will our range. Come on a journey of discovery and learn alongside us, life is always more fun with friends.

Love the GITGO team!