GirlLoud Mail


No matter whether you’re a big business or one person selling their child’s preloved clothing, we all have a responsibility to look after this old planet we call home. What better way than to STOP filling the oceans and landfill sites with plastic and start using truly planet friendly compostable solutions? Come join the GirlLoudGang and be part of the revolution. Let’s do better...

Hey, I’m Claire and GirlLoud Mail is my newest venture.

The idea behind this was borne from my other business. I was sending so many parcels in standard polymailers to my lovely customers I became concerned at the amount of plastic I were responsible for putting into world and subsequently landfill. I was determined to find a better way and after a lot of searching I discovered this fab company in Australia that had developed compostable packaging and I was hooked! I believe in the product so strongly that I have joined them as the UK reseller. We sell in lots of 10 / 50 / 100 making this a highly affordable solution for all. We also create custom stamps to help personalise your packaging and these can be used on our compostable labels so to keep the ethical ethos alive.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride and together we can change the way we send our mail and be more planet friendly.

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