ecologist co.

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That plastic in the ocean .... What a disaster! I couldn't believe this is how bad we let it get. We really felt like we needed to do something about it! So mum and I founded ecologist co.
You can make your home and life plastic free and make a difference. At ecologist co. we specialise in bringing you the best globally and locally sourced zero waste and plastic free products for shopping, bathroom and kitchen. Each amazing product we bring to you has exceptional reviews and has been proven to walk the walk. We proudly stock cotton pads, produce bags, beeswax food wraps, shampoo, cotton tips, toothpaste, mouthwash with new products and ranges being added all the time.
Our eco boutique is intentionally small, as we want to minimise waste wherever possible. Everything has been tried and tested to make sure that you will love each and every item we send you. Every element of ecologist co. has been considered for its impact on the environment. Items are shipped to us via DHL's GoGreen initiative, orders are packed in recyclable and compostable boxes and satchels and then shipped to you with Sendle's carbon neutral delivery.
These changes are so easy to make. And once you ditch the disposables, you'll never go back!
Because life is better without plastic.
Love Steph and Annie
Mother and Daughter | Founders of ecologist co.