Cloth Baby

With every baby going through at least 6,000 nappy changes before they are toilet trained, reusable cloth nappies play a part in waste avoidance and sustainable parenting. Cloth Baby - modern cloth nappies brings together a selection of the best Australian cloth nappy brands on the market, providing support and advice along the way in a one-stop-shop. .

When founder Emma Avery became a mother, she was dismayed by the level of plastic waste that disposable nappies created and was faced with the complexity of choosing what types of modern cloth nappies to invest in. This led her to bring together a simplified selection of the best brands on the market and advice to make the choice easy for new parents.

‘Using home compostable post bags compliments our products and the way customers receive these is all linked to Zero Waste’ - Emma Avery, Cloth Baby - modern cloth nappies

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